• Storey Building at Airport Terminal One
  • Transmitting Station (TX) building which  include new state of the art Approach and Area surveillance simulator
  • Air conditioned and well-furnished classrooms
  • Fully equipped computer classroom
  • A modest library stocked with aviation books, magazines, and journals
  • Laptops and power point projectors for classroom lesson presentations
  • 3D Simulator for aerodrome and other 2D simulators for Aerodrome, Approach, and Area
  • Walk Through Metal Detector (WTMD) and Hand Held Metal Detector
  • One auditorium
  • One Conference room
  • Administrative offices
  • A 60 KV standby electrical power generator
  • Internet service both Local Area Network and WIFI
  • Scanners & Printers (including 2 heavy duty (HD) color printers) for training manuals preparation
  • 2 heavy duty Photocopiers
  • Cabinets (40)
  • 25 IP Phones for internal communication
  • School Canteen offering meals

The Internet (LAN and WIFI)
This facility is provided by CATC to course participants enable them to browse for more subject materials, to remain in touch and to keep abreast with most events at any time and at no cost.